Serious Talk Time

What’s going on in the world? Every single day we hear of more terror attacks being committed, and it seems almost random. Just this week, we’ve had the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey; the terror attack in Germany; the shooting in Switzerland. This shit has to stop. 

We need to come together and work together to stop the hatred that’s infested within today’s society. Theres enough problems being faced by people without us blowing each other up for the sake of ‘religion’. A number of sources are reporting that up to 5,000 Islamic state terrorists could be in Europe after returning from Middle Eastern training camp [1]. That’s like a large army. 

This isn’t a problem that can be easily sorted. With 24 hour news coverage, and the media seemingly moving towards a more clickbait approach, its hard to see how there’s any way to stop the spread of fear and terror around the world. I think changing media would be the number one method of cutting down on attacks. How can you be a terrorist if there’s no terror involved? Terrorism feeds on fear. Cutting out the widespread reporting of undetermined facts and rumours would reduce the amount of damage these attacks cause, and would cut down on the amount of hatred and fear for certain cultures that is present within our society. 

It’s not an easy topic to talk about, or to deal with. Needless violence can’t be allowed to continue. We need to be more accepting and understanding of everyone, regardless of race, religion, cultural background or anything. 

Needless to say, I could be wrong; and if i am, I’d like to hear it. Shoot me a comment or two with your thoughts on the matter. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.