This week on DTRtv…

This week has been filled with quite a bit of Netflix. Due to being away from home, I’m watching mostly back catalogue shows. I’ve also been restricted because my girlfriend hates superhero tv shows (sad, sad times). 

Family Guy has been a key feature this week, with us watching at least a few episodes per day. Most of these have been pretty great, especially the earlier seasons (before Stewie went from funny-evil baby to gay-evil baby). “Petarded” (Season 4, Episode 6) is one of the best episodes this series has ever aired. In this, Peter finds out that he is technically mentally retarded, and decides to exploit the situation. This results in him hospitalising Lois and losing custody of the children to Cleveland. This whole episode is classic Family Guy at its prime. 

American Dad (Seth MacFarlane week over here in South Hill) has been another show we’ve been watching. I love the characters in this show, none more so than Roger. His flamboyant and overly dramatic character and endless supply of costumes and disguises provide laugh after laugh. Furthermore, Stan and Steve are great characters; my boss has compared me to Steve on a number of occasions – I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing??

I’ve something to admit. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a television series I have never seen, although it has been on my watch list for practically forever. Before you all leave in disgust and despair, I’m changing this, and fast. So far I’m up to Season One, Episode 11 and it’s been amazing. It’s crazy that an actor who only plays the voice of a character can do a much better job than the person who plays them in films. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. Christensen. I’ve been binging this show over the past few days, usually while Abbey does her make up or other things that don’t involve me too much. I can’t wait to watch the rest of this show, and expand my knowledge of the Star Wars universe. 

Any ideas on other shows I could watch? I’m open to any ideas, so shoot me a comment or two. 

If you’ve made it this far once again, thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon. 


Flight so far…

So my movies of choice were:

  • Ghostbusters (2016) – this is a movie I had yet to see, and felt I had to watch. It was alright. Don’t get me wrong, it held nothing against the original; but there were moments that were funny and moments that were actually good. Kate McKinnon stood out from the cast, as did Chris Hemsworth; however Leslie Mann and Melissa McCarthy seemed exaggerated and a lot of their humour seemed forced. I’d say this is worth a watch if it’s on and you have nothing to do, but I wouldn’t rush out to buy it or go out of my way to watch it. Don’t expect anything incredible either. Rating: 5/10
  • Lethal Weapon ( ) – this movie is great. The acting is great, the action is great. Everything. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are both really impressive as Riggs and Murtagh. This film is almost as good as the It’s Always Sunny version. Rating: 8/10
  • Morgan (2016) – This movie was also good, I knew next to nothing about it so everything was a surprise. I liked the storyline, and the acting was pretty good. Toby Jones and Paul Giamatti are two of my favourite actors, and both of them perform in this film. The ending is interesting, but also seems rushed, with the build up being my favourite part of the film. Rating: 6/10

Furthermore, I managed to cram in possible the very best Game of Thrones episode to date: Battle of the Bastards. From start to finish, this episode just blows me away no matter how many times I watch it. The initial Battle for Mereen is a CGI masterpiece, with the dragons and Danaerys finally showing how much they kick ass. Then we get to the main event. The showdown between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. This is one of the best battle sequences I’ve seen, definitely the best on TV. The manic nature of battle as well as the claustrophobia of close quarters combat is conveyed in such a great way. This episode cements Game of Thrones status as one of the greatest television shows of all time. 

Lunch was surprisingly good. The options were pasta bolognese or turkey, I went for the former. It tasted good; not amazing, but very good for airplane food. 

One small point. Nut allergies. Before take off, we received an announcement that a lady had asked that all passengers not eat any nuts during the flight, as there was a passenger with a serious nut allergy. I don’t know how I feel about this? I understand the concern, and I understand the reason; but banning nuts on an entire flight for one person? It takes me back to secondary school where similar circumstances occurred. Snickers were outlawed. Kinder Buenos were contraband. Carrying a bag of KP nuts risked the removal of a hand for disobedience. 

But alas, my M&Ms were just chocolate this time, so I didn’t care too much. 

4 hours until my flight from Boston to DC… Let’s find some food.