I’ve been playing a lot of Terraria recently. For those who don’t know, Terraria is anĀ 2D sandbox adventure game, that can be played both single-player or multiplayer. Consider it similar to a two-dimensional Minecraft, if you will.

This is a game that is incredibly easy to pick up. The controls are simplistic; yet, once mastered, allow the player to run, jump, climb and fly their way through a huge and expansive world.

Terraria is a lot of fun. The amount of content within this game is staggering, with opportunity to explore, fight, create and collect thousands of different combinations. In games like this, the saying ‘if you can think it, you can build it’ and for the most part, this is 100% true when it comes to Terraria.

My current world play time is probably somewhere around the 20 hour mark, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer. At the moment, I’m focusing on preparing myself and my settlement for the game-changing event, Hardmode. This amps up the difficulty enormously, and causes the game to become a challenge even to players who think they’re pros. Due to this, Terraria doesn’t get old. It doesn’t get boring, and with the game being super simple to grasp, it’s very easy to jump into your world for half an hour and smash a couple of zombie heads together.

For a game that costs less than a tenner, Terraria offers countless hours of gameplay, allowing your imagination and creativity to run wild across the forest/snow/desert/underground/hell landscapes. I’d definitely recommend picking it up.