Sunday Funday 

So this week started stressfully and then ended very chill-ly. 

Three pieces of coursework to be finished by Wednesday was an arduous task to say the least. It meant late nights in uni for Monday and Tuesday. and Pottermore (of all things) proved to be distractions that only lengthen the process. At least I was sorted into Ravenclaw, so it wasn’t all bad. 

Wednesday evening saw me rushing from Portstewart to Banbridge. All too stressful a journey for the distance travelled. 

Thursday and Friday were home days, finally getting to see my dog, Molly again. She’s still a bitch but she’s the best dog. 

Saturday began my travels again, heading from Northern Ireland across half the world to Virginia, USA. I enjoy travelling a lot, so this was a pretty enjoyable experience. Upon finally arriving in Washington D.C., Abbey and I hit up McDonald’s, being asked for change with a variety of reasons by the herds of homeless that surround the station. I think I come across as an easy target. 

Sunday was again a good day, with lunch at Nando’s being a highlight. We strolled around the city, taking our time between sights as we really were in no rush to get anywhere. Ending the day with a train journey from D.C. to Petersburg, before a short car journey to South Hill, VA, and Abbey’s house; my home for the next three weeks. 

This next week should be great, with the lead-up to Christmas always proving to be an eventful time. 

Thanks for catching up with me this Sunday evening. Stay classy, San Diego. 


Author: Deeter

Northern Irish guy who likes movies, tv, videogames and comics

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