Dota – Flame Flame Flame

Dota used toxic…. It’s Super Effective!!


For most people, Dota is a game. For a small percentage of players, that game is a job. However, Dota 2 has undoubtedly one of the most toxic communities of any video game. The big question remains: why? Other similar games such as League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm don’t seem to be nearly as bad. Yes, there is still flaming, but Dota seems to be taking things to a whole new level.

Why does this happen? You could argue that sticking five random people in a team for the guts of an hour and expecting them to work together as a team is bound to cause problems. However, LoL games aren’t that much shorter than Dota games on average (around 30-40 minutes compared to Dota’s 40-50 minutes). League of Legends does have the concede option, so maybe that helps in some way.

The thing is, in games that I’ve played, players who flame tend to be the ones who make the most mistakes, which seemingly causes them to get more riled and make even more mistakes. It’s a cycle that is difficult to break. Teammates turn on each other over the slightest thing; I’ve had players abandon because their support is taking last hits while they’re running back to base. It can really be anything.

Is there a solution? Short answer: no. Long answer: I don’t know, maybe. In my opinion, the report system is in massive need of an overhaul. Reporting players doesn’t seem to have much of an effect, at least not a noticeable one, while you can garner reports from someone simply not liking an item you bought and deciding that you should be punished for it. Also, the MMR system, while decent enough, can end up matching you way off your level. I was recently playing a match where I was the highest member of my team (1.8k mmr (don’t judge)) and the highest in their team was 2.4k. This isn’t a huge gap but there was definitely a skill gap between their player and myself and the rest of my team. I don’t know how this can be fixed however, not without massively increasing wait times for games.

Despite all this, Dota is still a game that I play pretty much every day, and keep coming back to no matter what. I have countless games in my Steam library but nothing seems to hold my attention like it.

Maybe I just like all the anger.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this!


Author: Deeter

Northern Irish guy who likes movies, tv, videogames and comics

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